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    Hemorrhoids are considered just a fact of life too many people in America but they are very painful and can be embarrassing to the point of tears for sufferers. If you have ever suffered from hemorrhoids then you know how these people feel. Hemorrhoids are a medical condition where the veins in the rectum become enlarged and inflamed. This leads to itching, burning, in many cases bleeding and also can cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Hemorrhoids can affect people from every walk of life but are most common in pregnant women, people who are obese or overweight and people who have heart or lung diseases that cause blood to pool in their abdominal cavity. There are many options available to cure hemorrhoids from over the counter medicines to home remedies. Many people however are going with the natural way of curing hemorrhoids. Below we will discuss some of the more natural methods and how they can benefit hemorrhoid sufferers.

    Herbal treatments have been a huge help in hemorrhoid relief and them being all-natural is a benefit for the body as well. The only thing you have to be careful for with natural hemorrhoid cures is allergic reactions. Since many of them contain ingredients, such as peanut oils for example, then it is best to completely read them before using an all-natural treatment.

Most herbs are safe and non-toxic so there is very little chance of overdosing or other damage that is caused by over the counter methods. However, it is not beneficial to the hemorrhoids or the body to take more of the herbs than is recommended. Herbs used for hemorrhoid relief work to soothe the burning and irritation and prevent new hemorrhoids from forming.

    Aloe gel is a great herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. Apply it directly to the hemorrhoids and it will take care of the burning and pain. You can purchase it packaged or in leaf, form and it can be used right away.

St. Johns Wart is another remedy that has been known to work well. It is used as an overnight retention enema and halts production of the hormones that cause the hemorrhoids to become inflamed and swell.

Witch Hazel halts bleeding hemorrhoids and relieves the pain. It also comes in suppository form and can be used three times a day.

Foods with vitamin K can stop bleeding as well as other foods that are rich in fiber.